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How do sports injury doctors in Delhi treat sports injuries?

Sports injury doctor in Delhi treat sports injuries through a careful process. X-rays and other examinations and tests are used to first identify the damage. Then, based on the kind and degree of the damage, they develop a treatment plan.

To help with the body’s healing, the treatment may include rest, ice, and physical therapy. In more severe situations, they could advise surgery. These Sports Orthopaedics Surgeon in Delhi concentrate on restoring patients’ strength and mobility in an effort to return them to sports swiftly and safely.



Acute Injuries:

Acute injuries are those that occur because of a noticeable incident, e.g., a shoulder dislocation during a wrestling match. These are mostly grievous injuries and require immediate medical attention. A detailed evaluation is often required to avoid any significant structural loss because of the injury. At times, when the injury is severe, it requires surgery to fix the damaged structure. Most commonly, these surgeries are carried out by minimally invasive means, such as arthroscopy.

Chronic/Overuse Injuries:

These are injuries that occur because of overuse or repetitive trauma to a particular part of the body. E.g., a meniscus or cartilage injury in running These injuries are mostly sustained because of a lack of proper knowledge or improper skills during practice or training. Best Sports Orthopaedic Surgeon in Delhi gives you the expert treatment. These injuries should not be overlooked, as they can cause irreversible changes over time. If detected early, these injuries can be managed with physical therapy and rehabilitation, technique change or adaptation, and sometimes surgery if a damaged structure is to be repaired.

List of Sports Injury Causes

There are several causes of sports injuries:

  • No stretching and warming up during exercise
  • Accident
  • Wearing shoes that do not fit well
  • Lack of safety equipment
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Also, the Symptoms of Sports injury are:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Range of motion fall
  • Difficulty moving body parts normally
  • Stiffness and weakness

Are you facing such symptoms? If yes, then it is better to consult with the best sports injury doctor in South Delhi. You will get back to your performance level as the doctor will provide magnificent medical facilities. Further, the doctor will advise you to follow the RICE method after the surgery. The RICE method is: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

How does a surgeon treat Sports injuries?

First off, sports injuries depend on their types and severity. It might take a few days or weeks. In the case of serious injuries to athletes, some treatments are required.

  • Injections to eliminate pain
  • Prescription anti-inflammatory medications
  • Immobilization with a splint, sling, or other top medical devices
  • Injections to eliminate pain
  • Physical therapy

Dr. Ankit Varshney is the best sports medicine doctor in Delhi and is the first choice of athletes when it comes to their injuries. Dr. Varshney has a precise understanding of these injuries from the athlete’s point of view and believes that every athlete is different and requires a customized treatment plan.

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