Top Orthopaedic surgeon for your Knee and Shoulder surgery

Top Orthopaedic surgeon for your Knee and Shoulder surgery

27 Feb 2023

Do you face severe Knee or Shoulder pain that creates mobility problems and reduces your quality of life? What treatment are you following? Not getting enough results from the non-surgical treatment? If yes then you should stop all other treatments and must consult with the best Orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi. The surgeon should have excellent experience in providing the best solutions to improve your quality of life.

Knee or Shoulder replacement surgery is a reliable option. It lets you recover promptly from pain and you will get back your strength. Before you get to know the best Orthopaedic surgeon, learn about both these surgeries.

Why do you need Knee replacement surgery?

If you are facing trouble while walking or climbing stairs then knee replacement surgery is the best option. Maybe you are facing knee pain at night and no pain medication is giving better relief.

Search no further for the solution because knee surgery is the right method to eliminate pain. When not going for the surgery option it might be herculean for the patient to get back the strength and increase range of motion.

Also, when you stand up from the chair or get out of the car you face knee joint pain. The only phenomenal solution is Knee joint replacement surgery.

The research says it is a common surgical procedure and numerous patients get big relief from pain and mobility improvement. Consult with the best knee replacement surgeon in Gurugram today to get a seamless experience.

The success rate of Knee replacement surgery is high

The research says more than 95% of the patients are satisfied with knee joint replacement surgery. They believe this option is better to start their normal work routine once again.

The patients are getting the ultimate outcomes from knee surgery. They were not completing getting relief earlier from non-surgical treatment. For better recovery after surgery-

  • Wear Knee braces
  • Keep your knee straight
  • Physical therapy
  • Do exercise

You must do physical therapy under a well-versed physical therapist. The person will monitor your knee and make sure you don’t face any knee problems again. Physical therapy is outstanding for the patient to recover swiftly and get back the knee strength. In terms of exercises, you can do the following for faster recovery

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Leg presses using a resistance band

Do not do these before consulting with your knee surgeon. After the surgeon’s approval, start doing all these to seek the benefit of mobility improvement.

What is Shoulder replacement surgery?

Does shoulder pain not let you sleep well or even face weakness in the affected arm? If the answer is yes then without any doubt, go with Shoulder joint replacement surgery. It helps in eliminating all the pain and improves the range of motion.

Some prevalent reasons for shoulder surgery are rotator cuff tear arthropathy, avascular necrosis, and osteoarthritis. Using the shoulder and arm will not be difficult when going with shoulder joint replacement surgery.

In this surgical procedure, the surgeon replaces the damaged section of your shoulder joint and replaces it with artificial implants which provide long-lasting results.

After the surgery, the surgeon will recommend you go with physical therapy for at least six to eight weeks. Under the physical therapist’s guidance, you must do the exercises for faster recovery.

Putting it all together: Dr. Ankit Varshney is the best Shoulder replacement surgeon in South Delhi and has years of expertise in knee joint replacement surgery. He will provide better treatment to start your active lifestyle very soon. If not getting better relief when consulting with other surgeons then it’s time to get in touch with Dr. Ankit Varshney for exceptional solutions.