What is Osteotomy?

In this top surgical procedure, the doctor cuts and reshapes the bone that is damaged or injured and the surgery helps the patient to eradicate pain and improve function. Alignment must be correct or malunion in a bone, so osteotomy surgery will help you. People of any age can have this major surgical procedure.

Why perform this surgery?

There are multiple reasons behind osteotomy surgery-
  • To eliminate pain from osteoarthritis
  • Performed for shorten and lengthen bones
  • Damaged joint repair
  • Correct alignment of unjoined joint

Another great benefit of osteotomy surgery is fixing other specific bone issues. It is better to consult with the top Osteotomy surgeon in South Delhi that may assist you in reshaping your bones and joints.

Types of Osteotomies

Knee osteotomy

In this type of osteotomy, the surgeon cuts and reshapes the bone that meets under your kneecap. Doctors perform Knee osteotomy to correct the damage to arthritis. The surgery is beneficial to realign the knee joint, shift weight, and reduce the pressure from the damaged side of the knee. Knee osteotomy is of three types:

Tibial osteotomy: The surgeon helps in correcting the bowlegged alignment

High tibial osteotomy: It realigns the knee joint that is facing knee arthritis. This knee osteotomy can delay the need for total or partial knee replacement. For better solutions and personalized care, consult with the best high tibial osteotomy surgeon in Delhi.

Fulkerson osteotomy: This surgery will remove a part of your tibial tubercle.

Hip osteotomy

In Hip osteotomy surgery, the surgeon reshapes the head of your thigh bone and hip socket. It is your ball and socket hip joint. The surgeon will help you by removing or reshaping the bone tissue because the purpose is to realign the weight-bearing surface of the joint. The hip osteotomy includes:

Periacetabular osteotomy: The surgeon here will fix your hip dysplasia as here it cuts part of the hip bone, repositions it, and secures it with the help of screws.

Femoral osteotomy:

The femoral osteotomy is to cut and align your upper thigh bone. This helps in restoring hip function.

Spinal osteotomy

Spine osteotomy is better surgery that enables the patient to remove severe pain and achieve balance. If alignments of the curves of your spine are not correct then you need to go with spinal osteotomy surgery. Also, if many spinal sections have numerous curves or not that many curves then it can cause severe pain and welcome pressure on internal organs. So, spinal osteotomy surgery can help you. There are five types of spinal osteotomy:

  • Posterior column osteotomy
  • Smith-Petersen osteotomy
  • Pedicle subtraction osteotomy
  • Bone-disk-bone osteotomy
  • Vertebral column resection

Jaw osteotomy

The osteotomy surgery can help you with problems like open bite, receding chin, overbite and underbite, trouble chewing or swallowing, etc. The jaw osteotomy surgeon can realign the lower jaw and upper jaw bones. The surgeon may recommend wearing braces before and after surgery. The purpose is to realign your teeth and jaw. It includes-

  • Mandibular osteotomy
  • Maxillary osteotomy
  • LeFort osteotomy
  • Sagittal split osteotomy

Chin osteotomy

Reshape your chin with “chin osteotomy surgery”. The surgery is excellent for correcting virtually short chin, lengthening your chin, etc. The role of the surgeon here is to cut your jaw bone and move it. Also, they make use of the incision through your mouth.

Elbow osteotomy

If there is an alignment problem in your lower arm that causes elbow joint issues then you must go with elbow osteotomy surgery. You might be facing an abnormal position that is daunting for you to carry the angle of your elbow. Therefore, elbow osteotomy surgery is accurate for such patients.