Important Things to Know About Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

Important Things to Know About Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

16 May 2023

An ACL injury is basically the damage or sprain of the anterior cruciate ligament that can cause difficulties in your regular performance. ACL is basically one of the most important and strong bands of tissue that connects the thigh bone to your shinbone.

This problem is common in sports persons due to sudden stops or movements of the body. When ACL injury arises, you may notice swelling and pain around your joint or feel unstable. If your condition is becoming worst day by day or not managing with non-surgical treatments, ligament repair surgery in Delhi, or wherever you live, will be one of the most effective and safest options. Let’s take a look to know everything about ACL injury and its surgical treatments.

Signs and Symptoms of ACL Injury

There are some common signs and symptoms of ACL injury, including:

  • A lurid pop or a popping feeling in your knee joint
  • Have severe pain in your joint and are incapable to do your favourite activity
  • Rapid inflammation
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Have a sensation of instability

Causes of ACL Injury

The common reasons for ACL injury are different kinds of athletic activities. For instance, when someone is:

  • Changing the directions or twisting the knee while running
  • Jumping or landing in a way that can twist the knee
  • An ACL injury can also arise when your knee is hit forcefully from the side.

Who Gets ACL Tears?

As mentioned above, ACL tears generally happen during playing a sport, so people who play football, basketball, or other high-impact sports are more susceptible to ACL tears.

How is an ACL Injury Diagnosed?

For diagnosing ACL injury, an expert will first ask about the injury and do a physical examination to know the exact reasons for the problem. Throughout the examination, the professional presses the knee joint and your legs. They also cover your knee in certain ways to know the actual point of your affected area. This analysis will help you know if the ACL is torn.

A professional will also recommend some imaging tests to know the actual positions and causes of ACL injury, such as:

  • X-rays: They perform this diagnostic test for checking the damage to the bones.
  • MRI: They also suggest MRI tests for checking the extent of an ACL tear. This test also helps in knowing the other injuries of the knee joint.

Treatment Options for ACL Injury

There are some non-surgical treatments that are used in the early stage of ACL injury, including:

  • RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation
  • Over-the-counter pain medication such as acetaminophen (Tylenol or store brand) or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, or store brand)

There are some partial problems that can be treated with physical therapy while some can use crutched for healing the injury.
When these treatments are not effectively treating your problem, you need to undergo ACL surgery. The surgical treatment generally depends on a range of factors, including:

  • The kind of activities that you want to do in the future
  • If the patient is an athlete
  • Age
  • Other problems with the knee joint
  • If you are feeling instability in your knee joint

The above-mentioned information will let you know everything about ACL injury and its treatment options. You can find one of the best ligament injury surgeons in Delhi, or elsewhere, to treat your problem effectively without causing any further problems.

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