Dr Ankit Varshney



Dr. Ankit Varshney



Arthroscopy & Sports Orthopaedics (KDA Hospital, Mumbai, India), Shoulder & Sports Trauma (HUMS, Seoul, South Korea), Orthopaedic Sports Medicine ( Singapore General Hospital).

Dr. Ankit Varshney has been working for so many years as an Orthopaedic surgeon who can help you to provide the best treatment for complex Knee, Hip, and shoulder related issues. Consult with Dr. Ankit Varshney for sports-related issues too. He can provide the top-most care to recover you better and can start your active lifestyle again. 

After finishing his training in Orthopaedic surgery, he went to big centers in South Korea, India, and Singapore to obtain specialty fellowships. The surgeon is also well-versed in Minimal invasive surgeries such as Knee arthroscopy, Shoulder arthroscopy, Hip arthroscopy, Ankle arthroscopy, and Elbow arthroscopy. 

You need to fret no longer about your sports injuries as the surgeon has a brilliant experience in the field of Sports medicine. Dr. Varshney believes in providing state-of-the-art treatment with magnificent solutions. It will help the patient to resume their work routine with no procrastination. Dr. Ankit Varshney uses the ultimate Minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques which are beneficial for the patient to reduce the recovery time. Speed of recovery matters the most for the athletes so better to get in touch with Dr. Ankit Varshney for better recovery. Furthermore, he has treated numerous regional and national athletes in sports like cricket, wrestling, kabaddi, boxing, etc.